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Industrial Rescue Services

Choice Rescue & Safety provides comprehensive standby rescue services for industrial customers during plant maintenance, construction, and other high risk situations. Our capabilities include confined space rescue, high angle rescue, trench rescue and confined space entry watch. Our highly trained and qualified onsite rescue team includes firefighters, EMTs and industry professionals. This team provides you with solutions for all your confined space rescue needs.

We provide the following Rescue Personnel on Stand-By:

  • Rescue Technicians
  • Rescue Supervisors
  • 2 Man Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • 3-10 Man High Angle Confined Space Rescue Teams
  • Hole Watch / Fire Watch / Bottle Watch

Our team has the experience and the qualifications to keep your employees safe and avoid potential hazards. We train our rescue team members quarterly, ensuring they are ready to complete jobs to the highest precision and safety.


Safety Services

Our HSE team consists of Safety Supervisors and Safety Technicians. They are certified and trained to help companies create a safe, injury free work environment. We can provide personnel ranging from temporary staffing support to long term safety projects. We are able to assist in implementing effective safety procedures in order to reduce legal, financial and worker’s compensation claims.

We work with our clients to ensure that all facility personnel, project consultant, and company assets are protected throughout the scope of the project.

We provide the following safety personnel:

  • Safety Attendants
  • Safety Technicians
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Auditors

Capabilities (including, but not limited to):

  • Turnaround safety planning
  • Hole Watch / Fire Watch / Bottle Watch
  • Daily field audits of personnel and equipment
  • Conducting safety meetings
  • Training contractors on safety plans
  • Managing injury cases
  • Permit writing
  • Writing confined space plans
  • Investigating all accidents and incidents
  • Root cause analysis

Our top priority is ensuring the safety of our employees and our customers. We feel accidents are preventable, and that it is the responsibility of all employees to create a safe work environment.

Safety - Never Left To Chance & Never An Option

Choice Rescue and Safety Service provides a multitude of services for Oil & Gas, Refinery, Construction, and Manufacturing Companies. Our services range from providing Safety and Rescue Training, to Stand By Confined Space / High Angle Rescue Services.